Thorough Training Provides Customer Satisfaction

EnergyCare is in the people business. We know that the service representatives staffing our call centers must be brand ambassadors for our clients and offer efficient assistance to their customers. We pride ourselves on hiring the right people for the job, and providing them the guidance and encouragement to excel in their roles.

A thorough and effective training program is critical in grooming exceptional agents. Many companies provide a one-size-fits-all approach that can lead to mediocre results. Uninspired and unprepared representatives have a negative effect on any campaign, regardless of the client’s brand position or product attributes.

EnergyCare has learned over the years that investment in our training program pays dividends across the entire employee spectrum. Our proprietary training program yields representatives who take pride in their work and approach customer interactions with confidence. They become experts in their field, understanding all aspects of the energy business and well equipped to provide a customer experience beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our training approach means higher customer satisfaction scores, higher first-call resolution, and an overall better customer experience. To learn more about our training and employee retention approach and how it can positively impact your campaign, contact us today.