ConservMore Provides Essential Retention Tool

EnergyCare is committed to providing our clients every advantage possible in preserving their loyal customer relationships. We also believe that energy conservation makes good financial and environmental sense.

We bring these two goals together in a proprietary offering called Conservmore, an engaging web-based application that provides quantifiable, money-saving tips and unique insights to help consumers manage their energy consumption.

Our EnergyCare representatives can launch a customer toward savings with their own, customized Conservmore experience. It begins with a quick over-the-phone survey: questions like the type of home, year of construction, square footage, number of occupants, etc. The tool prepares a quick snapshot of energy consumption and provides a framework to analyze how home and lifestyle changes can impact the family budget.

EnergyCare representatives then send the customer their custom URL for full access to Conservmore. It’s a dynamic tool that will provide greater insight as the customer continues to input relevant data. The customer will have free access to Conservmore as long as they remain your customer.

At EnergyCare, we are passionate about your customer and we are passionate about the environment. Contact us today to learn more.