Matt Judkin 2

Matt Judkin


I started EnergyCare four years ago to fill a critical need in the energy industry.

Energy suppliers are often extremely focused on the front end — the acquisition of customers and the growth of their base — but pay very little attention to caring for a customer once they’re on board.

Utilities often take their customer relationships for granted and forget the importance of first-class service in a competitive world.

Alternate suppliers and utilities both run the risk of inadvertently contacting customers on Do Not Call lists or on cell phones, which can result in costly fines and litigation.

Take care of your core business, and let the experts and EnergyCare take care of your customers. If running an internal call center becomes a distraction, why not outsource it?

EnergyCare will represent your brand with a live, courteous and professional voice at all hours. Its call centers have achieved PCI compliant status, too, so you can rest assured they’ve got confidentiality issues covered.

Energy is all we do, and we know how to do it. We're determined to make every call from your customers a positive experience.


Matt Judkin is President of Executive Energy Management and a founder of EnergyCare.