Don't Mess With Potential Contact Violations

Financial penalties and brand damage are just too severe.

Complying with the many requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) is absolutely critical for alternate energy suppliers and utilities.

shield3Customer outreach is fraught with potential pitfalls that can result in millions of dollars in fines. Even if a company thinks they are calling their own customers, they need to be sure they are not in violation. The risks are just too great.

EnergyCare provides full Safe Harbor protection to its clients in all customer outreach campaigns.

The advantage to having EnergyCare handle your compliance concerns is that we are in the customer-contact business. Regulatory compliance is not an academic concept, but an everyday reality. And our track record is spotless.

Responsibility for TCPA compliance cannot be contracted away to a vendor. Because of the limited liability vendors are not as diligent as they ought to be in data scrubbing and operational procedures.

EnergyCare has long understood that protection of the client is protection of the contracted relationship. We’re in this together. So have invested heavily in customer contact compliance methodologies.

In order for the FCC to consider a Safe Harbor defense in any violation, the accused must be able to document the following:

  • Written Procedures to address all Do Not Call rules
  • Employee Training that demonstrates adherence to those procedures
  • Maintain In-house Suppression Files to prevent unauthorized outbound calls
  • Purchase and Implement Federal Do Not Call List that must be refreshed and scrubbed against every 31 days

When it comes to customer contact violations, the stakes are simply too high to try and go it alone. Let EnergyCare protect your financial interests and your brand reputation.