Account Management Provides Partnership Foundation

We know that providing quality inbound customer care is all about relationships. EnergyCare call center representatives are an extension of our clients’ brands. We understand that responsibility, and work tirelessly on training and technique to create a positive customer experience for the consumer on the other end of the phone.

Our relationship-building efforts go beyond the end user, however. EnergyCare holds the front lines for our clients, and is uniquely positioned to hear invaluable feedback from customers about product, price and experience. It’s critical that we create a strong partnership to keep the lines of communication open. We need to clearly and efficiently communicate any issues, working together to reinforce positive actions or search for solutions to operational challenges.

To solve for this, we have implemented a dedicated Account Manager for our clients that interfaces with all aspects of the operation. They are the eyes and ears for our clients, and the communication flows both ways. They are the bridge between operations leadership and with agents, ensuring that top performance is achieved.

Our Account Manager lets you rest easy, knowing your customer experience is in great hands.