Common Language. Extraordinary Access.

Our company supports the energy industry exclusively. That means we have a fundamental understanding of the customer mindset, which is essential when it comes to answering inbound questions and concerns.

But our experience also benefits those responsible for managing the care function. We know what you need to know, and that efficiency in communication saves time and money.

Each client is assigned a dedicated EnergyCare Account Manager, who will manage the client’s needs through every aspect of the service, from technical implementation to scripting and staffing. Our Account Managers are available 24/7, with direct lines to company leadership for issues that need escalation. We are always available to you. That is our pledge.

The Account Management function goes well beyond answering the phone when you call, of course. We pride ourselves on proactive communication with our clients in support of a true partnership.

We identify trends in your service plan through both quantitative analysis and the monitoring of live calls. We quickly discover customer pain points, deliver that feedback to your team, and work with you to design and implement custom solutions.

Soft Skills Training

The training programs we have instituted and refined over the years produce the most knowledgeable representatives in the industry. Product and program-specific training accompanies any new campaign, of course, but our people have an energy-first background that will pay dividends for your program.

Beyond the program prep and industry knowledge is our concentrated effort on “soft skills” training. We know that a successful customer interaction needs to go beyond the cold facts to include a warm, human interaction. We understand the responsibility that comes with representing your brand.

First Party Collection Services

We act on your behalf to facilitate customer payments on their accounts before they reach critical status. In today's difficult economy, many customers simply need the benefit of a compassionate ear and flexible payment plan to get their accounts to good standing. Maintaining the customer relationship is key. We can provide a PCI-compliant payment system, integrate with your CMS, and reduce churn and bad debt.

Market-Rule Compliant

We focus exclusively on serving the inbound care needs of the energy industry. Frankly, it’s not something that just any call center can do.

Many of our energy deregulated territories, Texas in particular, are complex markets with evolving regulations. Locking down a script and FAQ knowledge base, as a call center might in support of other products or services, isn’t an option in energy. Our representatives are continually briefed on territories, tariffs and regulatory requirements.