Technical Expertise. Personal Attention.

EnergyCare’s technical team maintains a state-of-the-art approach to customer communications. From custom backend solutions to simple email, we work between our clients and their customers to provide concise information through preferred channels.

We also understand the need for our clients to actively manage their customer care investment through dynamic and actionable data. Our online client portal allows constant access to a host of typical call-center metrics, including talk times, answer times and save percentages.

Our technology offerings don't end with call-center basics, however. We've developed an entire suite of capabilities to assist us in provided an exceptional experience for our clients and their customers.


Our proprietary home-management tool allows customers to implement energy-savings ideas and quantify the savings. It’s a free, value-added service to our clients that has become a very effective retention tool. In fact, upon implementation of Conservmore, our clients enjoyed an 85% increase in their save rate. Click to learn more.

Safe Harbor Compliance

We pride ourselves on TCPA Safe Harbor compliance methodologies that have produced a spotless record and zero contract violations for our clients. The responsibility for Do Not Call compliance ultimately lies with you. Liability cannot be contracted away, so choose your vendors carefully. Learn more.

CMS Integration

Our technical team can seamlessly integrate our backend systems and CSR screens into those of our clients, reducing implementation costs and increasing speed-to-market. There’s no need to create new processes or learn new screens on your end. We adapt to the needs of our clients. It’s the right thing to do.


If our clients need a CMS system capable of handling the unique demands of the energy industry, we offer our proprietary CIPHER system. Built specifically to serve both suppliers and utilities, CIPHER can pull data from multiple sources to handle a wide range of functions including customer transactions, utility data management, invoicing and settlements.

Online Chat

In today’s on-the-go world, your customers are often forced to multi-task. Providing undivided attention to a customer service issue isn’t always possible, however that doesn't make the problem go away, of course. Our online chat system allows us to assist a customer on their terms and timeline.


All of our customer service representatives have their own e-mail addresses, and can provide follow-up or research results directly to the customer. Likewise, the customer can follow up with a “real person” directly rather than having to jump back into queue.

IVR Collections

Our automated IVR system is completely custom scripted and PCI compliant. With the option to speak to a live operator at any time, customers can make ACH, credit card, debit card and prepaid card payments securely and privately. The system features Spanish and English options, and is available as a stand-alone service or as part of our customer care offerings.

Overflow Support

Some of our clients prefer to maintain their own in-house care team to provide primary customer support. That's fine. Our systems can remain on standby, ready to provide seamless backup and overflow services in case of outages, aggregations and outreach campaigns.

Flexible Staff

Let EnergyCare worry about the challenges of staffing your customer outreach or inbound support function. Ramping up and down to match volume swings is no problem. We can also provide representatives with sales backgrounds to assist in supporting direct mail drops or web conversion campaigns.