Energy Efficiency Story

Many states have made it mandatory for utilities to promote green energy and efficiency programs, and in some cases have even set customer conversion and product adoption targets. Changing public perception can be a heavy lift, especially for a utility that’s rarely going to win the battle for our limited attention spans.    At EnergyCare, […]


ConservMore Provides Essential Retention Tool

EnergyCare is committed to providing our clients every advantage possible in preserving their loyal customer relationships. We also believe that energy conservation makes good financial and environmental sense. We bring these two goals together in a proprietary offering called Conservmore, an engaging web-based application that provides quantifiable, money-saving tips and unique insights to help consumers […]


EnergyCare Attains PCI Compliance

EnergyCare has announced its call center and data management systems have achieved PCI Compliance, allowing the organization to now provide a variety of secure financial services to its clients and their customers. Below is the press release, issued in June. St. Petersburg, Fla. – EnergyCare, LLC, a leading provider of customer care services to the […]


Trump Reverses Energy Climate Policy

On March 28, President Trump issued an executive order aimed at redirecting America’s energy and climate policies away from fighting carbon emissions to a focus on a “new era in American energy” where affordable, domestic energy is at a premium. President Trump invited a group of coal miners down to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

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Tech Companies Seek Grid Data

On December 20, technology companies and trade groups working in the energy business issued a white paper calling on utility companies to share data. The companies and trade groups included TechNet, SolarCity, SunRun, UtilityAPI, and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. They say that traditional grid processes must be “reimagined” to deal with the growth in innovations […]

Photovoltaic panels

Solar Industry Breaks Records

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association’s latest report, the U.S. solar industry just completed its biggest quarter of all time. This is on the end of a long-upward trajectory from a negligible amount in the first quarter of 2010 to 4,143 megawatts of installed photovoltaic systems in the third quarter of 2016.   The report […]