Caring for the Future: Renewable Energies

Rooftop Solar

Solar power is the feel-good news story of the energy world. Headlines touting falling costs and rising installations are gathering attention from politicians, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

The EnergyCare team is uniquely qualified to support the inbound care needs of rooftop solar providers. After all, we are dedicated exclusively to the energy industry and always have been, so our team of representatives can confidently discuss all manner of energy inquiries including program rates, price to compare, enrollment procedures and billing questions.

It seems as though we’ve been hearing about the coming of solar power for decades, but its time has finally arrived. Recent statistics illustrate tremendous growth in recent years.

The Solar Industries Association reports that the US had installed more than 27 gigawatts of solar capacity as of March 2016. That's up from just 2 GW in 2010, and enough to power 5.4 million homes.

The industry enjoyed it's biggest year yet in 2015, but 2016 is on pace to more than double that record.

While solar installers excel at the sales, siting and installation of rooftop systems, the ongoing customer care is a different skill set that may drain internal resources. Outsourcing the care function allows for greater efficiency and economy of scale.

Our representatives are always on hand to answer customer inquires and reiterate the value of the buying decision. We champion the growing renewable-energy movement, and we're ready to represent your brand.

Community Choice Aggregation

CCA's are an increasingly popular vehicle for providing homeowners and businesses with green-energy options. The effort involves public education and continued customer care, and EnergyCare can help.

Municipal aggregations leverage the combined buying power within a jurisdiction (city, county or region) to secure a lower price for its consumers. The process generally relies on opt-out participation, which means a resident or small business is “in” unless it chooses otherwise.

Aggregations traditionally have been designed to simply lower costs, but with increasing awareness of climate change and demand for renewable energy’s, CCAs are taking on a distinctively green tint.

The movement is especially prevalent in California, where several recent aggregations have resulted in a residents’ ability to choose from a variety of energy packages containing various amounts of renewable energy.

While the incumbent utility continues to provide for delivery of the energy, as well as billing and emergency response, the municipality is responsible for much of the customer communication and inbound information requests.

EnergyCare can provide critical support to the administrators of a CCA and their constituents. Our state-of-the art call center technology can interface with a variety of external systems, and our custom-designed reporting and web portal access allows for immediate campaign status updates.

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