Dedicated Care for Utilities and Energy Suppliers

In the call center industry, segment exclusivity is more than a marketing position. It’s an operational necessity and a client benefit.

Meet The Team

EnergyCare representatives are experts in their field. We represent our clients’ brand values through courteous and efficient service and a variety of contemporary tools.


EnergyCare provides guidance and safeguards for all customer contact regulations. We understand the stakes, and we've got you covered.




Conservmore provides homeowners with a new way to view their energy consumption! This valuable resource gives EnergyCare a competitive edge in the customer service industry.



Municipal Aggregation Operations

Nothing generates more potential questions from customers than a municipal aggregation. Communications must be clear and concise, and the team must prepare for high call volume immediately after a mail drop. Read one client's review of our work.

trieagleEnergyCare has been an essential part of our implementation of several electric municipal aggregations in New Jersey. They have assisted in educating customers who call in with questions, effectively increasing the retention rate of customers in the program.

EnergyCare’s agents are polite and professional and excel at helping customers understand the aggregation process and the benefits they will enjoy by participating in the program. EnergyCare has also handled any necessary program opt-outs for us. They were able to simplify the entire opt-out process by developing an automated line to take these requests.

In addition to aggregation support, EnergyCare also takes residential enrollments for us and handles our customer care in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We have been very satisfied with the work that EnergyCare and their agents have done for us in all areas and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a high-quality call center experience for their customers.

--Robert Cantrell


State-Specific Care

Regulatory requirements change from state to state, and your customer care vendor needs to understand the subtleties of the markets in which they operate. EnergyCare representatives are experts in all territories, and that translates into top-tier service for your customers.

trieagle"As the Manager of retail gas operations for Blue Spruce Energy Services it is very important I can trust a dedicated team to handle all of my customer service related calls/issues. Energycare is exceptional at this and they are the only team I trust in handling our customer service for our California customers."

--Stephen Shortell
Blue Spruce Energy